So You Want Small Government, Eh? Here’s What That Actually Looks Like

Amanda Claypool
8 min readOct 30, 2023
Photo by Andy Feliciotti on Unsplash

Every four years, Americans go to the polls. And every four years, there are a handful of politicians that make unrealistic promises in an attempt to garner your vote.

One such promise is the pursuit of a smaller government.

Republicans, in particular, fancy the idea that the government is too big. And to be fair, they aren’t wrong. It seems like there’s a government agency tasked with addressing any sort of issue you can imagine, including researching shrimp walking on treadmills.

The idea of small government — more responsible government — sounds great in theory. Most rational people would advocate for a government that spends their tax dollars wisely.

But in practice, small government isn’t a realistic solution.

What you and every politician pandering for your vote might not realize is that getting to a smaller government means changing the role of the government itself. It would require eliminating hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of jobs to get there.

That’s an interesting paradox to consider when many political leaders stump on their ability to create jobs — not destroy them.

The government is the behemoth it is today because it is the most important employer…



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